Natural Health and Energy Medicine
Anyone who has visited one of my websites can see that there are a handful of natural health therapies that I consider the best and most effective for easy, accessible and inexpensive ways to maintain and restore health naturally. I believe that Energy Medicine is one of the most inexpensive, easy and safest ways to restore and improve your mental, physical and emotional health.

Energy medicine is derived in part from the ancient art of acupuncture. Energy medicine uses well-mapped if not entirely well-understood, energy pathways and energy systems that run through and around the body. The energy pathways, called meridians, have been extensively studied and mapped out over the last 5000 years in Traditional Chinese Medicine.

The energy that runs through the human body can be measured with scientific instruments and is the basis for western medicine diagnostic tools such as the MRI. The meridians can be likened to the body's circulatory system but instead of carrying blood they carry electrical energy. And in the same way an artery can become clogged, your energy pathways can become congested and stagnant causing discomfort and eventually if left untended, disease.

Energy medicine essentially involves using your fingers to tap on specific acupuncture points on the body, or using the energy in your hands and can be used in a variety of ways. My two favorite ways are Donna Eden's five-minute daily energy routine and Gary Craig's Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT).

The daily energy routine is a series of 5 or 6 different exercises that just t`ke a few minutes and serve to keep your body's energies humming. Moving your body in ways that help the energy to flow and remove stagnation and blockage will help keep your energy level high, your immune system healthy and increase your health, vitality and clarity of mind. Detailed explanations of the exercises can be found in Donna's Book Energy Medicine. If you are interested in learning more about this interesting way to increase your health this book is well worth reading.

Emotional Freedom Techniques are an effective and fast way to delete, manage and diminish emotions of stress and fear. The basis behind EFT is that most negative emotional issues have an energetic basis. An energy system became stuck or 'short-circuited' at the time of an original trauma and may, without your even being aware of it, cause you to react in a limiting way. Phobias are a good example but there are countless other such reactions that may be less obvious such as weight and eating issues, sleep disturbances and anxiety. You can learn EFT by going to the EFT website and downloading the free manual.

If you have serious physical or emotional illness you should of course consult a qualified doctor or professional therapist.

Energy medicine techniques such as EFT and the Daily Energy Routine can help people to overcome self-defeating emotional habits, enjoy greater health and a more balanced and less-stressful life. These natural health therapies are tools that are well worth exploring and I hope you are able to use them and share them as successfully as I have.

Improving Your Immunity Naturally - Tips and Therapies For Natural Immune System Health all times, but especially during cold and flu season it is wise to keep your immunity strong so you can easily fend off invaders and pathogens that can make you sick.

A good start for using natural health therapies to increase your immunity is to pay attention to how you feel. Know that if you are feeling, tired, sluggish or below your normal energy level you may be fighting off a 'bug' even if you otherwise still feel healthy. Check the lymph nodes about an inch below your jaw bone in line with the the hinge of the jaw. If they are at all swollen or tender this is another sign that your immune system is at work fighting an infection. Now is the time to act!

A many-pronged attack will work best to help you at several different levels. The following are great strategies to employ and doing any of these will help. Doing them all will give you the best chance of staying healthy naturally.

* King Kong- Thumping on your breast bone a couple inches below your collarbones stimulates your thymus gland which is the major organ of the lymphatic system. This will help drain those swollen lymph nodes and keep your lymph system humming. Do this for about 30 seconds as often as you feel like throughout the day.
* Tap on your K-27 acupuncture points. This will help revitalize you and help you think more clearly. Always a plus when your head is fogged by illness. To tap on K-27; find your collarbones. Slide your fingers to the middle where there is a bump, drop down an inch and out an inch. There may be an indent or some soreness. Use the tops of 2 or more fingers and tap for about 30 seconds as often as you want throughout the day.
* Tap on your spleen neurolymphatic points. This will also help to lift your energy and boost your immune system. Find these points by moving your hands directly in line with your nipples below your breasts and down one more rib. Tap as with the K-27 points above. Again, these points may be sensitive.
* Drink lots of fluids. Staying hydrated is vital to your body functioning at its utmost. And the healing process uses up even more fluids.
* Get plenty of rest. This is always important. Now it is even more important. Your body needs down time to rejuvenate at the cellular level.
* Breathe deeply. An oxygen-rich environment is not an environment that bacteria, viruses and other pathogens can survive in.
* Touch in any form, whether it is massage or more simply being held or having your hair stroked has been shown in numerous studies to improve the immune system. And it feels so nice and comforting.
* If you have fever, eat 'cooling' foods such as fresh vegetables and fruits. Adding fresh mint and lime to your foods will help open your lung passages.
* If you are experiencing chills, eat warming foods such as ginger, garlic, and curry. These are best prepared in soups, stews or saut├ęs.