Health spa natural therapies - The European provides a selection of natural therapy pathways resulting in a healthier mind, body and soul. European provides a selection of natural therapy pathways resulting in a healthier mind, body and soul. While our focus has
been in skincare, esthetics, and therapeutic massage a growing number of our customers are requesting these complimentary and
non-invasive therapies for his or her health and wellness.Health Natural Therapies and Spa Health Natural Therapies and Spa

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Deep tissue,relaxation, lymphatic drainage, trigger point therapy, hot stone massage, re-natal and pregnancy massage,
massage therapy (scars, PNF), abdominal massage for intestinal movement and sports massage.

Weight loss program is based on energy flow. Consultation can help client to balance diet and improve emotional and physical health.
Acupressure & Color therapy
Acupressure & Color therapy derive from the Chinese meridian system. They will use stimulation of the specific point or points to
correct the power flow inside the meridians. Release of muscular tension is usually part of the treatment. Correction from the
energy flows might have general or specific therapeutic effects on any systems from the body.

Healing Touch is definitely an energy-based approach to health insurance and healing. They use the hands to pay off, energize, and
balance a persons and environmental energy fields thus affecting, facilitating, and harmonizing the client’s physical,
emotional, mental, and spiritua

In the last five years, spas have grown to be more sexy, sensual and spiritual places. Imagine French champagne served after
rituals and live chanting on your healing massage. Or cleansing eucalyptus black soap exfoliations and classic rassoul
clay wraps. Or almond oil massages with warm Vichy showers bestowed on the heated marble slab all of this delivered inside your very
own private oriental hammam suite. You’ll be able to explore a world of North African and Middle Eastern inspired water
facilities in a luxury hotel spa in Singapore, developed by French-born spa consultant, Farida Brouwer.
Sacred spas aren’t new. In olden days spas were traditionally a location where you could connect and go through the purity
of nature. Today, inside a world where computers, Blackberrys and cell phones dominate, the sanctuary of the soulful spa
experience is increasingly desired.
Indeed spa treatments today are increasingly made to bring one into moments of divinity – a wordless moment of authentic
reference to oneself. But critics may ask why we ought to pay a mint of these when it’s possible to reach the same place if you take
some moments of meditation or walking across the beach? “Nothing can match up against the experience of pure sacred silence
combined with tension releasing massage, music and aromatherapy scents all obsessed with an hour,” says treatment curator
Maya D’Adam.
“Spas should deliver well-executed treatments with grace, professionalism, reliability , gentleness,” adds Farida. “The most exquisite
spas are where Personally i think both comfortable and rejuvenated, in which the experience isn’t staged, recption menus is simple yet potent and
the therapists gentle, discreet, caring and supportive. When touching someone, the therapist must carry it out as a sacred
act.” However, she says she’d not state that spas and spiritual retreats supply the same experience. “They complete each
other but aren’t of the same dimension. For example, I would not expect exactly the same experience in a spa as with an ashram.”
However, she adds the spa guest is increasingly savvy as well as their expectations are high.
Farida’s Warm Jade Stone massage feels a lot more like a spiritual experience than your average rubdown. In this “holy”
holistic ritual, cool and warm jade stones deliver a deeply relaxing, grounding and cleansing experience. The stones and
thermal variation take one past the physical connection with a typical massage deep in to the body’s self-healing process.
Better still, the finale, a glass of French champagne and handmade truffle chocolates lingers deep in one’s memory bank.
Likewise the Mantra Massage offered in Bali is one thing memorable. Included in the healing massage, an elderly healer chants
deep Sanskrit mantras as she presses her healing hands into your skin. s well, the Maya Massage developed by D’Adam will
linger inside your heart. In this 90-minute massage she places a sizable Tibetan singing bowl around the lower back yet others
around you. The noise of the various bowls vibrating through and round the body feels incredibly grounding and soulful.
Says D’Adam: “I desired to create a treatment which had a holistic approach and realized that sound made an effect on the
recovery process. I chose to incorporate Tibetan singing bowls which i play above as well as on the body. The noise of these brings the
mind in to the heart space creating stillness and balance within the subtle energies from the body.” She says that Tibetan monks
have used singing bowls for hundreds of years during their meditations therefore it makes sense they’d suit a spa environment.
“Ultimately a spa is really a place where after the experience it’s possible to say, ‘I feel great about myself, Personally i think good during my
body, Personally i think good the way in which I look, the way in which I am’,” says Farida.